• Be a citizen and resident in a participating country;
  • Age between 18 years old by December 31, 2015, and preferably up to 23 years old;
  • Have completed high school (secondary education) in a country other than Brazil, with a final overall average equal to or above 60% (grade C) and a final average in the country's official language (English, French, or Spanish) equal to or above 60%;
  • Applicants who have not concluded high school on the date of application may present their certificate of conclusion in the moment of enrollment in the assigned Brazilian Higher Education Instituition.
  • Have obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese as a Foreign Language - Celpe-Bras.
    • Applicants from countries where there is no Celpe-Bras exam must take the exam in Brazil, in a sole opportunity, upon the conclusion of the Portuguese as a Foreign Language preparatory course to the Celpe-Bras exam, in an accredited HEI.
    • Applicants who fail the Celpe-Bras exam taken in Brazil will not be able to participate in PEC-G. Their registration will be considered invalid and their staying in Brazil will be terminated.

Who CANNOT apply to PEC-G:

  • Brazilian citizens, even those holding dual nationality;
  • holders of any temporary or permanent visa to Brazil;
  • those who have completed high school in Brazil;
  • those who have been selected in previous editions of PEC-G and who have been cut off the Program;
  • those who have been selected in previous editions of PEC-G and who, having not presented at the Brazilian IES at the time of enrollment, fail to provide a justification until the deadline for enrollment;
  • those with a high school final overall average and official language average inferior to 60%;
  • applicants from countries where the Celpe-Bras exam can be taken who do not hold the Celpe-Bras certificate.