PEC-G students may apply to receive scholarships and/or their return ticket home at the end of their course from the Brazilian Government, in some specific cases.

  • Merit Scholarship: offered to PEC-G students with remarkable academic performance after their first year of graduation studies in Brazil. In addition to the monthly grant, students can also receive the return airfare to their home country after completing graduation. More information (in Portuguese).
  • MRE Scholarship: offered to PEC-G students of non-federal IES who find themselves in financial need after their first year of graduation studies in Brazil. More information (in Portuguese).
  • Emergency Scholarship: offered in exceptional cases, to PEC-G students who find themselves extreme financial hardship of unexpected order. More information (in Portuguese).
  • Air return ticket: In some cases, DCE may grant the graduated student the air ticket to their country of origin. More information (in Portuguese).

    All DCE/MRE scholarships are granted for a period of one semester (six months), subject to renewal.

    To see the Merit and MRE Scholarships Call Notice (in Portuguese), click on "More information" next to the scholarship description.

    See Ordinance No. 200/2012 (in Portuguese), which regulates the granting of benefits by DCE/MRE.

The Ministry of Education (MEC) also grants scholarships to PEC-G students of federal universities, through the Milton Santos Project for Access to Higher Education (Promisaes). See more information here (in Portuguese)..