Can PEC-G students work in Brazil?

A: The student visa (temporary visa IV - VITEM IV) does not admit the exercise of gainful employment activity that configures payment of salary or fees for services rendered. However, the student may participate in curricular training, research, extension and monitoring activities.

Can PEC-G students change their graduation course?

A: switch courses once, by the end of the first year of studies, provided the new course has the same duration of the previous one. Students should discuss this matter with the coordination of PEC-G at their Higher Education Institution(HEI).

Can PEC-G students transfer for a different HEI?

A: Yes, PEC-G students may ask to be transferred to a different HEI, once, by the end of the first year of studies, provided it is for the same course. Students should discuss this matter with the coordination of the PEC-G at their HEI.

Can PEC-G students suspend their studies at the HEI?

A: Yes, only for health reasons, his/her own or first degree relative (father, mother, sibling, children, spouse), including family by marriage, evidenced by the HEI.

Can PEC-G students participate in academic mobility programs of their HEI?

A: No. PEC-G students cannot take part in academic mobility programs involving change in their registration status, temporary change of location or country.

Can PEC-G students receive scholarships from the Brazilian Government?

A: Yes, in some specific cases. Click here to read about DCE Scholarships.

How to apply for DCE Scholarships?

A: Applications for any of the three types of DCE Scholarships must be made by the PEC-G coordinator in the Brazilian HEI. Call Notices for applications are published every semester (except for the Emergency Scholarship, which can be requested at any time). The HEI must identify those PEC-G students who may apply to MRE Scholarships and/or Merit Scholarships and present their documentation for the selection process held by DCE.

Can PEC-G students receive more than one scholarship from DCE or another source?

A: No. Accumulation of benefits is not permitted for PEC-G students. Students who are contemplated with another kind of scholarship or have any other source of funding in Brazil must opt for one of the sources.

Under what conditions can PEC-G students be granted a return airfare ticket to their home country?

A: All PEC-G students who have been granted a Merit Scholarship are eligible for an airfare ticket to return to their home country after graduation. The benefit may also be granted to students who prove to not have sufficient funds to cover their trip. In any case, the granting of the benefit is subjected to the Ministry's budgetary capacity.